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No prizes, No awards, just the pleasure and satisfaction of meeting the challenge (AND you'll receive my Thanks!).

These six cacti are mixed species Lobivia seedlings I started from seeds I purchased from Chiltern Seeds about four years ago. Three of them bloomed last year, three have yet to do so. It may be impossible to identify them until they do, but anyone is welcome to give it a shot. Click on the images to get a much bigger more detailed image that will certainly be more helpful for ID purposes.


Lobivia 3

Lobivia 4

Description from the

From the highlands of Peru, Bolivia (note the anagram) and Argentina come these exceedingly floriferous, very spiny, globular or cylindical, sometimes cushion-forming Cacti. The large, bell or funnel-shaped flowers are particularly attractive and come in every shade of white, yellow and red.

As they decide to bloom, I will post blooming pictures.

If you can identify any or all of these, or if you have any questions about them, e-mail me at dan@phantomlake.net.

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