My late dachshund Elmy guarding the east end of Phantom Lake.

My nearly 2 acre property sits atop a deep gravel glacial deposit that about ten thousand years ago was the floor of a glacial lake.  Directly behind our house there is a 30 foot deep depression that I call Phantom Lake.  On calm summer nights one can walk down into this "lake" and feel the temperature drop 10 to 15 degrees (F) as you descend.  One especially cold night I checked the temperature between the top and bottom and found the top was -10F and at the bottom it was -32F.  Some frost pocket, don't you agree?

About 150 yards west of us the Conewango Creek flows south to join the Allegheny River seven miles away, eventually becoming the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers before finally entering the Gulf of Mexico.  Before the last glacier, the Conewango flowed north into what is now Lake Erie and eventually became the St. Lawrence River before emptying into the North Atlantic Ocean.

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