The Magness Pear is highly regarded among pear conniseurs and is considered by some as the best there is.  It is the result of a cross of  Seckel and Comice by the USDA and was introduced in 1960.

It is a medium sized pear with a smooth, melting, buttery flesh that is also very juicy.  It has few if any grit cells and the flavor is sweet and exquisitely delicious.

The tree is spreading, unlike many pears which often want to grow straight to the heavens, making it a fine ornamental fruit producer.   It resists fire blight better than most.  The blossoms are small and produce poor quality pollen so for best fruit production another variety to act as a pollinator should be nearby.

Some sources say this is only hardy to USDA zone 6, but I have been successfully growing it in a colder area of zone 5B for over ten years now.  Though it may not produce the most pears, it produces the most   highly anticipated.

DS  29 Jan 1999